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Frequently Asked Questions

Storage Costs

The number one self storage question is: How much space do i need?
Well to answer this we have a great info graphic showing all the van sizes
in relation to our storage units. Click here to view

How do i pack to use Happy Self Storage facilities?
For tips and packing advice, try following our storage packing guide

How much does it cost to use your storage facilities?
Our costs are very competitive and start at only £4.50 per week for a 2x4x8ft unit.

How can I pay?
Most customers pay by direct debit via gocardless.
However, we accept cash, cheques or direct bacs payments via your online banking

Do I have to pay a deposit?

You will need to pay 4 week’s deposit. 

This deposit is refundable on exit.

What is the minimum length of time I can have storage for?
4 (four) full weeks is our shortest contract term.

How much notice do I have to give when I want to cancel?
We require 4 (four) full week’s notice, an email is fine.

Access and Security

How often can I access my storage unit?
Access to your unit is available 9-5pm week days only.
Outside of these hours you’ll need to book, to let us know you want to visit.
Call 01440 899 511 to arrange this.

Do I need to supply a padlock for my storage unit?
Yes. You will need to supply a secure padlock. But dont worry we sell padlocks on site if you forget.

Can anyone else gain access to my unit?
No. You are the key holder to your unit. No one else will be able to get access to your storage unit.

Do you keep a spare key for my padlock?
No. You are the key holder so it is advisable to have a spare set of keys at your home or at the office.


General Questions

What can I store? Is there anything I cant store?
You can store almost anything at Happy self storage as long as it’s not perishable, flammable or illegal! 
You cannot store gas, any flammable items, fireworks, perishable foods or materials, dangerous chemicals, goods of an illegal nature or live animals.
Click here for the checklist

Do I have to provide my own insurance?
No. We now offer goods in storage cover at £5 per £5000 worth of goods stored.

Can I drive up to the door of my unit?
Yes. You can drive up to the door of the storage centre and unload in the dry.

Do you provide a trolley at the store?
Yes, we provide a trolley for your use to make moving heavy items to your unit easier.

Can I increase the size of my storage unit?
Yes but you will have to contact us first to find out if we have a larger unit available. We will advise you at that time what the extra cost of the unit will be.

I don't have any boxes. Can you help me with packaging materials?
Yes. We sell all the cardboard boxes, tape and packaging materials you will need.

Do you provide shelving for my unit?
No. If you need shelving you will have to provide this yourself. The shelving must be free standing and not attach to the storage unit walls in any way.

Can you help move into my unit?
Yes. We operate a man and van service in Haverhill, Saffron Walden and the surrounding area. We can pick up your goods and bring them back to your storage unit. Click here for van and man service


Contact details

For bookings please call 01440 899 511 we'd love to hear from you, or  

Email: info@happyselfstorage.co.uk 

Bulls Bridge Farm , Bumpstead Road, Hempstead, Essex, CB10 2PP

Terms and Conditions

About Happy Storage

Happy Self Storage offer very competitive and cost effective rates for self storage units from £12 per week based just outside Haverhill close to Saffron Walden and Cambridge.

Clean, dry and secure self storage units are available for short or long term rent.

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