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How to pack for Happy self storage

   While helping customers move into our Self storage facility in Hempstead Essex we have learnt a few tips and tricks.

    If you want to make your life easy and your move as stress free as possible follow these rules.

1. Make sure everything (hard) except the furniture is in a box and that the lid closes and its not to heavy (20kg max)

2. For everything (soft) like fabric, clothes and bedding etc, we recommend using laundry bags.
    Again dont over fill them and make sure that they close and the zip does up. 

3. Take all the legs off furniture and use a box for all the fixings.
    Take a few photos while you take it apart to remind you of how it goes back together again!

4. Defrost the fridge and freezer and make sure the inside is dry (the earlier you do this the better)
    Using a hairdryer to blow warm dry air into all the corners can really save time, be carfull as there migh be drips of water still in the fridge/freezer. 

5. Bubble wrap is ok for small things in boxies. check out 'the best boxes for self storage.'
    For table tops and exposed surfaces use 'rolling carton' 
    Its carboard on a roll! and its great for most things even inbetween mirrors.

6. Now get numbering... Number each box and take a picture of the contents before closing. Make a list of whats in each box ( i.e kitchen, bedrom stuff ect...) on a sheet of paper, then take a picture of that list as well!
    If you have it all on your phone your not going to lose anything.
    So the Box number thing, well if you have 50 boxes and each box takes 1 minute to load then you can work out how long its going to take to load the van when it comes to moving day

7. Finally the golden rule of self storage... does it stack!

    Happy Self Storage units are 8 feet high, so if you cant stack it your waisting space.

    Now dedicate one room to all your packed goods and start to make a pile and before long you'll be ready to move! 

    Try using our van and man service to move into your storage unit.

PS: Dont forget to print off our 'top 10 questions to ask before moving house'



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Happy Self Storage offer very competitive and cost effective rates for self storage units from £12 per week based just outside Haverhill close to Saffron Walden and Cambridge.

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